Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water. Water! Cool, clear, water…

Last note talked about getting settled in at the BFH and battling the insects, and only hinted about the water source. 

Like a lot of small places, not just in Vermont, but anywhere, water can be a bit of a challenge.  Having lived most of my life in larger cities and suburbs where water comes out of the tap in plentiful, clear, seemingly unlimited supply, the idea of having to “worry” about water is alien, or at least, unusual.  I’m aware that people all over the world have much bigger issues with water than we do, but it’s something to comment on here, and so my whining and ramblings will hit the higher points of what makes the BFH water an item that brings grins to most of us when we’ve contemplated visits in the past, and this time was no exception. 
So, before you read this, go into the next room, in a land blessed with cool, clean running water, and don’t taunt me that it’s not only chilled, filtered, softened, purified, artisanal, mineral enhanced, vitamin infused and comes in a variety of flavors and I’ll tell you my tale…or rather, here’s the sit’ch:
While the Roaring Brook – as mentioned and pictured in the previous blog – is strategically located directly across the street from the BFH, approximately less than 100 yards – please know that at no time (in the recorded history of the Bilger Family) has that flowing resource of clear, cascading water ever been tapped to flow within the confines of the BFH. 
In the summer, it’s what’s normally called a “creek” and the Bilger kids played in it, dammed it in places to form “swimming holes” and did all sorts of other “kid” things you’d expect living near a brook that wasn’t overly dangerous.  In the Spring, after winter thaw, it takes on the characteristics of a river – boulders and tree stumps may crash down, and the ice broken up from the mountain above, has been known to create a jam large enough to cause the road below (at the small bridge on the main road in Stamford) to overflow.  I’m thinking at that point - Roaring Brook is probably an apt name. 
So, a moving water source (you’d think) would allow the homes near it to have a consistent source of clear, moving water, n’est pas?
Hmmm…well, I have discovered that a majority of homes in this bucolic valley (and probably a lot of the state) have their potable water supplied by wells.  Most Vermont natives are rabid supporters of the environment and the fact that they draw their life-sustaining resources directly from it, would make a pretty good case as to why it’s important to keep the water, air, land as pristine as possible.    
That is the case here and the well is located underneath the house, in the “basement” – which is an entirely NEW topic for discussion…
However, I’m going to stay on topic (water) and explain why when you’re staying here, you have to consider how your water consumption (from the tap for drinking, bathing, washing, etc.) will affect, not only yourself, but the entire household. 

I’ve been down into the basement (only once) to check out the well, and just going down the stairs creeped me out so bad that I got to the bottom of the stairs, looked around, said, “Uh-huh, that’s a well…” and ran back up the stairs.  I’m not big on fright movies, so am certainly not an expert, but I’m thinking that a stone lined, subterranean basement with a 12 foot well in it would be the perfect place for a babysitter to discover, only to find smoke billowing out from under the door, dim lights  beckoning, as the music builds to a crescendo with a hollow voice intoning, “GET OUT!”    Muwahahaha!!!!!  Of course, this is where the dumb babysitter starts walking down the stairs…geez, dumb broad!   See, this is where I run to the RV, grab a big dog and both of us huddle under a quilt on the bed until sunrise. 
Oh yeah, the photos I’ve added of Donald filling up a couple of our empty containers at a free-flowing faucet on the side of the road – IS Vermont’s version of “bottled water”  =  Your bottle, Faucet Provided by spring water from the local spring…simple, easy, cheap!!!

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