Monday, July 11, 2011

Ice-cream can be magical!

I’ve been chastised (yet again) because photos I’ve posted that "supposedly" include Rose’e (who is normally referred to as “our black child”) doesn’t actually SHOW Rose’e.  We were accused of “leaving her behind and being too embarrassed to admit it.”  I won’t say WHO it was (Keri) but I want to prove that Rose’e is, indeed, with us.  In fact, she’s so “with us” that Donald can’t get to bed without having to nudge his way past her, and usually between at least two kids.  (Exhibit A)
I chose to sleep in the RV's overhead compartment.  You know – that shelf up over the cab where you always wanted to sleep when you were a kid?    …but as an adult, it reminds you of a coffin with mini-blinds?  Yeah, up there, that’s where I climb each night to slumber.
I’ve actually gotten to like it.  It reminds me of when I was on a ship in the Navy and our “racks” were about the same size.  They hardly had enough room to sit up but had a flip top to a locker/compartment underneath where you could stow all your worldly possession.  It also boasted a flimsy curtain that pulled across but didn’t really provide any semblance of privacy, and a crappy mattress.  Navy folks are nodding their heads up and down for I speak the truth. 
But back to the Rose’e issue being a “racial thing” – it just ain’t so!  As you can see, we have three “fur-faced children” – two are what we refer to as “the blondes” and Rose’e – who is the black one, and she is indeed black.  See?  Nothing racial about it – just a descriptor. 
Let’s see - details about how how it went today…

Carpe Diem - we got up early (5 a.m.) eager to get on the road but first our most pressing task was to again demonstrate our mechanical talent and ability, once more show our grasp of the finer points of awning retraction...ahem… 
After getting all the “stuff” stowed, kids fed, and basically attired.  I’d like to point out here that there is no earthly reason to fix your hair, put on make-up or dress “cute” when you KNOW you’re going to spend the next 12-18 hours getting your hair blown, your clothes shed, slobbered and stepped upon…and you’re also going to climb in and out of an RV into sweltering heat multiple times to water and walk the kids.  I vainly (and admittedly, there is vanity involved) attempt it anyway.  My results are visible by the fact that I’ve posted NO photos in which I appear.  ‘nuf said. 
Anyway – back to the Awning Adventure:
We had such a lovely time trying to get it open and functioning the previous evening that you can scarcely appreciate our zeal in getting the d*mn thing retracted.  Let’s reiterate – we had no directions, and were fumbling in the original endeavor to put it UP.  We had the same directions and insights in taking it DOWN. 

Numerous attempts at using this “thinga-ma-jiggy” to depress that “gizmo” while sliding those two “jobby-doos” into that…”what-cha-ma-call-it” resulted in nothing more than some new and (I might add) very creative swear words.    
With Donald’s encouraging remark, “If we don’t get this f------ thing down we’re going to be hauling down the highway with it hanging off and flapping on the side.”  I visualized that event which led us to proceed with renewed vigor to return the awning to its original configuration WITHOUT resorting to the use of an impact wrench, blow-torch or sledge hammer.  Needless to say it was anxious and tense at our campsite, but once more, diligence, patience, and a few more creative swear words, and we miraculously got it retracted and locked in place…vowing “never to open that d*mn  thing again.”   
“But honey, what about when we have to open it to scrub the mildew off?  We can’t keep that skanky thing attached – it’s probably infectious!”   
“We’ll worry about that when we’re parked in our driveway.”    <- good plan – gotta a love a man who suggests a great solution rather than the name of a divorce attorney. 
So, the rest of the day actually went pretty darn well…ney, I would say doggone well.  We made over 400 miles, through highways that were draining from recent flooding.  (Exhibit B)
For a very serious moment here - the amount of devastation that the recent flooding caused to beautiful towns, homes, farms, ranches and LIVES is…well…heartbreaking.  There are numerous agencies trying to assist the victims, but honestly, it will be years before what the River has taken can be repaired, reclaimed or remedied.  Anything we, as Americans, can do to help our own countrymen is not only appreciated, but appropriate.   
We also went through miles and miles of construction and could almost hear the drivers behind us saying, “I-hate-those-stupid-old-people-in-that-d*mn-RV- slowing- down-traffic.”  To which we would like to reply, “No sweet-cheeks – we’re going as fast as the vehicles ahead of us, you just can’t see past our hulking mass to know that we are not the problem, but please thank your State Department of Transportation in conjunction with your Federal Dollars at Work.
Let’s see, oh yeah!  We finally found a Dairy Queen for Donald to get his most favorite dessert – a Peanut Buster Parfait.  He really had put up with a lot so far on this trip and when I kept saying we should stop for one, he declined because we didn’t need to stop.  After enough convincing (nagging is such an ugly word) he gave in and we swerved off our original course for 30 delicious minutes at a DQ.   It was worth it - he and the kids enjoyed it immensely.  (Exhibit C)   
Recap of the day  - Good day overall, which ended with an early turn-in (to yet another KOA campground) and a refreshing dip in the pool.  Gained 400 miles on the map.  Bypassed flooding…mostly.  Survived killer temperatures with a helping of soft-serve ice-cream, and avoided bloodshed in the retraction of the awning. 
Ahh..another successful day in the Three Danes Inn Adventure, and I’m heading to bed and my comfy coffin with mini-blinds, but CLEAN COOL SHEETS!!!  (FAB-ulous Laundry Facilities at the KOA!)   ;o)     

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  1. Fabulous update! Hope you hang in there with the heat out in the ... well everywhere that's not here. ;)

    One of my girlfriends is actually also on her own adventure, driving a 16ft moving truck to Orlando. She just jetted (well as fast as a 16ft penske truck jets) out of the Salt Lake area this morning.

    Take care and safe travels!