Sunday, July 10, 2011

Now where were we?

Remember me mentioning the KOA campground?  Well, we spent last night in Gillette, Wyoming, and it should not be unreasonable to add that we practically kissed the ground as we exited Montana.  Not to give Montana a bad name, but we drove over the border into Wyoming feeling like Custer wasn’t the only person to get their butts kicked in that territory! 
There was no posting yesterday because it was pretty uneventful (Halleluiah!) well...other than a weird campground named Green Trees – Crazy Woman Campground.  NO LIE!!!  I’m not making up this stuff!  This was a small (and a tad creepy) piece of property nestled between the Campbell Country Hospital and a REALLY nasty looking Laundromat right off I-90.   The whole place had an odd feeling - starting at the campsite they originally assigned us not being the correct number AND that it was covered with downed tree branches and a goofy guy at the registration desk. 
Don:  "Do you offer any discounts for AAA, AARP or Good Sam's Club members?
Goofy Guy:  "They endorse us, but no, we don't offer any of their discounts."  

Me:  HUH? 
Oh well, we only stayed the night and got up and out of there really early, congratulating ourselves on getting better and faster at setting-up and break-down camp each day.  Also, we’ve gotten pretty darn snappy with getting three Danes down three steep steps and out one little door without increasing our vocabulary of cuss words.  Timing is everything. 
But, not to disappoint - we did add one more critical element to our routine this evening – we decided to try to set up the awning.  (Stop it!  I can here your "oh-oh" even through the internet!) 
The guy we got the RV from said he never used it, but that it was pretty simple and the directions were in all that stuff from the original owners.  Really?  We should have had him show us. 
The directions we got from him were to a different make and model.  BUT - Donald, being brilliant – figured it out and showed once more why he is “my hero!”  After some fiddling - Donald rolled the awning out - in all its moldy magnificence.  Note: Don't be so trusting, and that's one more thing we need to fix when we get back home.  
So this evening, after setting up camp and getting the “kids” settled, we got out of our sweaty clothes and went for a dip in the campground's pool.  Ahhhh!  It was the perfect end to a long day of driving but we even got in a few “side trips” – nope, not to Mt. Rushmore (Old faces, Same places – their billboard, not mine!)  
We stopped in Sturgis (three weeks too early for the 71st Annual Motorcycle Rally, and NO we didn’t get “Born to be Wild” tattooed on our butts either!)  For crying out loud – it was Sunday morning and the streets were empty.  The parking lot at the Evangelical Baptist Church showed attendance there was even a little skimpy.  Not even a Harley with an "I |heart| Jesus" bumpersticker.  We couldn’t find a coffee shop either - and that brings up another questionL  There is a Starbuck’s in BEIJING but they can’t have one in Billings????  What’s up with that? 
Another stop was a Wall Drug Store <- you’ll have to Google it, ‘cuz I have no clue how I’d describe it without using the word “tacky” extraneously but  got a photo of Donald there.
Anyway, long day, good miles, not too much chaos.  Check out the photos.  They're labeled, but if you're having problems with identifying who's who - Don’s the tall one who does NOT have his tongue out, panting…usually…


  1. I'm so excited to follow your adventure. I hope there are lots of pictures to follow as well!

    Have fun guys!

  2. Seriously - you keep saying that Rosie is somewhere in these photos - but I think you are lying! You really left home without her and are too embarrassed to admit it.